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June 23, 2017
Yesterday I learned that collectively the people who visit my blog are called “the audience”, or sometimes “my audience”. I find that a bit presumptuous but perhaps that will make communication easier.

Anyhow, I hope that my audience will include family and friends, fellow parkies, care givers, para-professionals and others interested in the experiences of people who live with this ugly disease we call Parkinson’s. I hope there will also be people interested in other disabilities because there is a humongous overlap in the way we experience the changes in abilities, attitudes, our place in the world, etc regardless of the particular disability we live with.

Everyone has a story to tell, or a contribution to make, so please feel free to comment. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please email me at
My intent is to write something each week. The next blog will be about how to handle learning you have Parkinson’s disease. After that I’ll write about protein and levadopa, then several focussing on some things (literally) that help us have good quality of life. That will keep me going for a month or so. After that, there will be lots more.


About The Author

Casey Huisman

My name is Casey Huisman a.k.a. Cees Huisman. I live in Ontario, Canada. Married to Jan. Large family with several children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Siblings and mother are in the Netherlands. Retired from St. Clair College since 2016. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2006. Participate in The Gathering Place Community Church. Supporter of Community Living’s goals of inclusion and empowerment. Usually easy to get along with.


  1. Nanc Handziuk | 23rd Jun 17

    This is a wonderful idea Casey – it will help all of us to a better understanding of Parkinson’s and how if affects not only your life but those who love you as well. – and we do – so very much <3

    • Casey Huisman | 24th Jun 17

      Thanks for your support Nanc. ❤️U2

  2. Nanc Handziuk | 23rd Jun 17

    I think this is a great idea Casey – it will not only help us to understand a little better of what exactly you are dealing with and what, if anything, we can do to help except give you our full support.

  3. Ariënne | 24th Jun 17

    Hai Casey, wat een goed idee van jou om een blog te maken over parkinson. Voor jou is het een bezigheid waar andere mensen zeker wat van kunnen leren. Succes met je blog.

  4. Casey Huisman | 24th Jun 17

    Dank je wel Arienne, leuk dat je er ook bij staat! ❤️

  5. Jaco | 25th Jun 17

    Ha Casey, Thnx for writing about your Parkinson and other things. So it’s more easy to follow your disease and to understand some of te important things from that disease.
    It’s a great idea to inform people in this way.
    And you know that I like the blog about “dancing with Parkinson” when I read it last month.

    • Casey Huisman | 25th Jun 17

      Thanks Jaco, so you got to read it twice. L.o.l. In a few weeks I’ll use some of the pictures you and Arienne took when you were here.

  6. Ed Huisman | 26th Jun 17

    Hoi Cees, ik mis het een en ander omdat het in het Engels is maar heel “mooi”, goed om te lezen. Het helpt in het begrijpen vanuit een persoon met parkinson.

    • Casey Huisman | 26th Jun 17

      Mooi werk Ed. Leuk dat je er ook bij bent. Ik hoop ook dat het aan het begrijp toedoet.

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