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December 2016 was my 10th anniversary with Parkinson’s. I ended up writing a short summary about what I came to call “dancing with Parkinson’s Disease”. I imagine sooner or later I will share it here. Anyhow, in 2017 I had some medical issues, not related to Parkinson’s ( as far as I know) and I am not able to do as much, indoors or outdoors as I was used to.So I got this fancy idea to become a blogger. This would also give some focus to my life. The websites all said it was easy, so I tried to set it all up. Here is is, not so easy but that’s probably because I’m not exactly a fast learner in the realm of IT and technology. Probably it wii get better as I learn more. My intent is to write one blog a week, using a thematic approach, focussing on adaptation, at least for a while. I must admit I’m a bit ambivalent about this project. I’m not usually a very public person. Thanks for reading this, please come back again. Casey

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Casey Huisman

My name is Casey Huisman a.k.a. Cees Huisman. I live in Ontario, Canada. Married to Jan. Large family with several children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Siblings and mother are in the Netherlands. Retired from St. Clair College since 2016. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2006. Participate in The Gathering Place Community Church. Supporter of Community Living’s goals of inclusion and empowerment. Usually easy to get along with.