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Daily Archives: June 18, 2017

About this blog

December 2016 was my 10th anniversary with Parkinson’s. I ended up writing a short summary about what I came to call “dancing with Parkinson’s Disease”. I imagine sooner or later I will share it here. Anyhow, in 2017 I had some medical issues, not related to Parkinson’s ( as far as I know) and I am not able to do as much, indoors or outdoors as I was used to.So I got this fancy idea to become a blogger. This would also give some focus to my life. The websites all said it was easy, so I tried to set it all up. Here is is, not so easy but that’s probably because I’m not exactly a fast learner in the realm of IT and technology. Probably it wii get better as I learn more. My intent is to write one blog a week, using a thematic approach, focussing on adaptation, at least for a while. I must admit I’m a bit ambivalent about this project. I’m not usually a very public person. Thanks for reading this, please come back again. Casey